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PSYC Fitness Channels

My class schedule doesn't always fit yours and it is not easy for you to replicate the same class sequence as experienced in a live sessions.

I am adding channels for Spinning, Yoga, Pilates and Coaching. Can you please indicate below which ones you might be interested? This is not a commitment.

The channels give you 24x7  access to all recorded classes of your choice. A major advantage is give you continued access in between live classes so you  improve your performance through more consistency.  3-6 new classes will be added each week, giving access to the most recent sessions and previous ones. Classes will vary in length, theme, and levels of challenge. 

A channel can be designed so it is dedicate to and customized for ONE person, on request.

Please indicated which channels you might be interested in
Spinning Channel
Pilates Channel
Yoga Channel
Coaching Channel
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