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Fun at Yoga

PSYC Sycling

What to expect

Whether it's a quick 30, 45, or 60 minute ride, you will come out of it wanting more.

You'll discover and go beyond your best, with each and every  ride - without even realizing it.

With immersive music and infectious energy, these rides are designed so you feel as if you are on the road. You will experience shallow to steep climbs, fast runs, cadence rides, and killer sprint finishes. 

Join me and get in your best cardio shape. Ever!


What to expect

Yoga with Steven goes well beyond asanas.

His practices fuse together body, mind and spirit - helping each person to create a better self.

​The open air studio is set in a hypnotic zen garden where an ever present sea breeze blows through a canopy of trees providing a heavenly ashram-like setting for challenging classes.

Steven takes the best from the centuries old Ashtanga and Yin yoga forms to help you become physical and mental stronger so you live a healthier and more blissful life.

Frozen Berries

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PSYC Yoga for a Blissful Life

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