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A strong core is a necessity to experiencing life to the fullest.

See and feel results after 2-3 classes.


Cardio is the critical to a healthy, active lifestyle. Do 2-3 weekly classes and see the transformation.

Feel happy - ride with me!


We take the best of Ashtanga and Yin yoga to create a healthier and more blissful you.

Think you are strong - try this yoga!


Let us set the goals that will scare you a little but excite you a whole lot.

I am the coach that will help you get there - sooner than you think.

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Light up your mid-body and build deep core strength with our floor Pilates. Have a mat and water and you are ready.

You will lengthen and strengthen your body from the center out. These classes will leave you standing taller, feeling stronger, and moving more confidently.

This is not your regular class!

Sweat and challenge are given! But you are inspired to go well beyond your best when you ride with Steven.

Experience real road rides through sprinting, steady cadences, bursts, and Alps-like climbs.

"This is best cardio workout - EVER".

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We fuse ancient Yin and modern Ashtanga yoga forms to help shape your body, mind and spirit.

Asanas synchronize body & breathe producing intense internal heat and a profuse purifying sweat that detoxifies the muscles and organs.

The results is a stronger, flexible and more blissful you.


I take a client-directed approach to health coaching.

You and I work on positive behavior changes to your life like nutrition, physical and mental fitness, and stress. It is about the here and now of your life.

We will understand where you are, what you want, and create a realistic path to getting there.

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